Explain your architecture to anyone in minutes

Get everyone on the same page. Make smarter decisions, build safer solutions, save time and money.

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Stop wasting time on documentation no one reads

  • Zoom in and out - give everyone just the information they need
  • No extra tooling needed, read and navigate diagrams in your browser
  • Share diagrams with your team - just share the link

Create the reports you need

  • Everything is stored in an customizable model
  • Use the model to for example control of all your GDPR sensitive info
  • Expand the model to suit your needs

Quick & easy documentation

  • As easy as drawing a diagram in a general purpose online drawing tool
  • No complex notations, just simple boxes and arrows
  • Describe solutions in minutes
  • Use the APIs to populate your diagrams from other sources

Create one source of truth for your documentation

  • All your diagrams in one place
  • Invite your team, collaborate, share
  • Accessible, sharable information is key to avoid stale information
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